50[2023 Korea Information Security Product Innovation Grand Prize] Physical Security - OneMoreSecurity ‘OneMoreEYE (OMEYE)’ [5/22/2023]oms2023-05-24
49Daejeon Regional Public Procurement Service selected 4 excellent companies in the jurisdiction [5/4/2023]oms2023-05-04
48OneMoreSecurity siged a 3-party unit price contract for Korean public procurement of FIDO authentication solution ‘OneMorePASS (OMPASS)’ [5/2/2023]oms2023-05-02
47OneMoreSecurity, intelligent video analysis solution ‘OneMoreEYE’ acquired the certificate of designation of "Excellent Product" by Public Procurement Service [4/27/2023]oms2023-04-27
46OneMoreSecurity participates in "International Security Exhibion & Conference (SECON 2023)" [3/19/2023]oms2023-03-20
45OneMoreSecurity Introduces Intelligent Video Analysis All-in-One Safety Platform at CES 2023 [1/6/2023]oms2023-01-09
44OneMoreSecurity obtains certification of new products for an intelligent video analysis all-in-one safety platform, OneMoreEYE (OMEYE) [12/21/2022]oms2022-12-21
43OneMoreSecurity develops intelligent video analysis all-in-one safety platform and next-generation integrated authentication solution [12/7/2022]oms2022-12-08
42OneMoreSecurity signs an MOU with Quorum Nusa Prestasi to enter the Indonesian market [11/29/2022]oms2022-11-29
41OneMoreSecurity to introduce AI-based 'MissingMom' and 'OMEYE' [10/18/2022]oms2022-10-18