45OneMoreSecurity Introduces Intelligent Video Analysis All-in-One Safety Platform at CES 2023 [01/06/2023]oms2023-01-09
44OneMoreSecurity obtains certification of new products for an intelligent video analysis all-in-one safety platform, OneMoreEYE (OMEYE) [12/21/2022]oms2022-12-21
43OneMoreSecurity develops intelligent video analysis all-in-one safety platform and next-generation integrated authentication solution [12/07/2022]oms2022-12-08
42OneMoreSecurity signs an MOU with Quorum Nusa Prestasi to enter the Indonesian market [11/29/2022]oms2022-11-29
41OneMoreSecurity to introduce AI-based 'MissingMom' and 'OMEYE' [10/18/2022]oms2022-10-18
40OneMoreSecurity participates in '2022 KOREA POLICE WOLRD EXPO' with intelligent video analysis solution [10/14/2022]oms2022-10-14
39OneMoreSecurity to introduce ‘OMEYE + MissingMom + OMPASS’ products at ISEC 2022 [10/12/2022]oms2022-10-12
38OneMoreSecurity introduces intelligent video analysis safety platform at '2022 World Smart City Expo'... Won the Minister of Science and ICT Award! [09/02/2022]oms2022-09-08
37OneMoreSecurity participated in ‘2022 World Smart City Expo’ and won awards [08/24/2022]oms2022-08-25
36 OneMoreSecurity, Intelligent Image Analysis Solution ‘OMEYE’ Acquired GS Certification 1st Grade [06/26/2022]oms2022-06-30