63[OneMoreSecurity] Ministry of the Interior and Safety of South Korea selected 6 consortiums for 2024 local government CCTV video analysis technology demonstration contest projectoms2024-05-24
62[OneMoreSecurity (Usecase of OMEYE)] Dongdaemun-gu strengthens crime prevention CCTV functions for safer cityoms2024-04-02
61[Selected Company for 2023 Startup Leap Package by Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water)] ‘OneMoreSecurity’ that provides intelligent video analysis service and FIDO authentication serviceoms2024-02-26
60[OneMoreSeucrity] Seoul City expands AI-based video analysis for CCTV to secure the golden time to find missing personsoms2024-02-19
59[OneMoreSeucrity] Intelligent CCTV, security, AI, communication, etc., selected by the government, those all companies are mobilizedoms2024-01-18
58[OneMoreSeucrity] Sejong Techno Park strengthens regional innovative growth power by the support from the SW companyoms2023-12-19
57OneMoreSecurity acquired Technology Credit Rating (TCB) TI-2 (excellent) rating for investmentoms2023-11-13
56OneMoreSecurity, SW-based FIDO logon service for MS Windows operating system launched [8/18/2023]oms2023-08-18
55OneMoreSecurity, an intelligent video analysis all-in-one safety platform entered the Public Procurement Service Nara Marketplace shopping mall [8/17/2023] oms2023-08-17
54[Bid Notice] Announcement of bidding for service of verification companies for AI convergence public safety securing and rapid response support projects in 2023oms2023-07-18